About Bay for Breath Crossing

A 28-mile paddle benefitting The Living Breath Foundation

Melissa Pappageorgas loved the ocean. She was a surfer, a daughter, a ukulele player, a sister, a planner, a wife, a singer, a friend… she was all of this and more. She also happened to have Cystic Fibrosis. However, she worked hard to not let her diagnosis define her. 

In 2017, two of Melissa’s friends approached her with an idea. For their 50th birthdays, they wanted to paddle across Monterey Bay, but they wanted it to be more than just a personal challenge. Instead they were hoping to turn it into a fundraiser for The Living Breath Foundation. Their idea was to train, fundraise, cross, and be done. Melissa had other ideas. She saw this as a special opportunity not only to fundraise and build awareness for CF but also to promote a love and care for her beloved ocean. With determination, hard work, and joy she turned their idea into an annual event.

Although we lost Melissa to CF at the end of 2018, her spirit has remained strong with us every training paddle, every crossing, and every breath. She shaped the Bay for Breath Crossing into what it is today, and we are honored to continue to carry on her event. Over the years it has raised over $250,000. 

Please consider supporting our paddlers in this meaningful event with an online donation.

Melissa Pappageorgas, surfer girl
The original Bay for Breath paddlers in Monterey

Interesting in participating as a paddler or volunteer?

The Living Breath Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for individuals living with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic condition affecting multiple systems in the body, primarily the lungs and digestive system. The foundation provides financial assistance grants, scholarships, transplant assistance grants, grocery cards and gas cards to individuals living with Cystic Fibrosis and is based out of Monterey, California.

For more information about the foundation, please visit The Living Breath Foundation website.