Cheryl Golich

SUP – Santa Cruz

$2,046 of $1,000 raised

What is your favorite paddling spot?

Lake Tahoe or Monterey Bay

Why did you decide to participate in the Bay for Breath Crossing?

Since moving to Santa Cruz, I’ve dreamt of padding across the Bay. Through the paddle community in SC, I have developed some wonderful friendships. These connections resulted in a “lap around the lake” this summer at Lake Tahoe. This experience reengaged the desire to paddle to Monterey. With the support of this amazing community, I think now is the time to fulfill my dream and support The Living Breath Foundation.

Do you have a personal connection to Cystic Fibrosis or The Living Breath Foundation?

No, but I think it is an important cause and think The Living Breath Foundation is doing a great job of supporting those living with CF.