Alan Luckow & Allison Marino

OC2 – Ben Lomond

$2,423 of $2,000 raised

Why did you decide to participate in the Bay for Breath Crossing?

Neither of us are new to the Bay for Breath Crossing, yet the ocean reveals new facets with each journey.

I (Allison) feel changed after each crossing, and that the Monterey Canyon is a friend I get to know more intimately with each crossing. This year, I’m looking forward to the quiet, strong companionship of my husband in the stern of our boat.

I (Alan) am looking forward to my wife’s steady cadence and indomitable spirit as she leads from the bow.

This is our first time crossing in an outrigger, and the first time an OC-2 craft will be in the Bay for Breath Crossing. We never had a chance to meet Melissa, but we feel the ripple effects of her connections every time we spend time at the Living Breath Foundation’s events.